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Under the supervision of Dr. Christakis Neophytou M.D., PH.D (Vascular Surgeon-Ph.D. – vaginal – Cosmic Surgery – Microsurgery)

Υπο την επίβλεψη Ιατρού Δρ. Χριστάκη Νεοφύτου M.D.,PH.D (Αγγειοχειρούργος-Διδάκτορ Πανεπιστημίου – Φλεβολόγος – Κοσμική Χειρουργική -Μικροχειρουργός )

Kostas Hair & Beauty Centre Limassol & Nicossia

  • Brand new custom built premises with state of the art furniture & equipment
  • Lots of friendly multilingual qualified and experienced staff
  • Centre includes Barber Shop, Ladies Salon & Beauty Salon
  • Offering Cuts, Treatments, Nails, Massage & Laser

  • Regular offers and deals for new and existing clients
  • Fantastic Hair and Beauty Products available with regular special offers
  • Plenty of Free Parking

Check out our Fantastic “Offers” page for deals on haircuts, manicures and laser treatments plus a selection of our quality hair and beauty products!


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